Forless E-Commerce(Shanghai)Trade Co., Ltd. committed to the R&D and the continuous improvement of technology, providing high-quality services to the world, while continuing to create greater value for customers. Support OEM&ODM for customer. Warranty with after sale service.

  ●Achieve your crop goals with customized light solutions and lighting strategies.

  ●Resolve your supplementary lighting needs based on natural light simulations and DLI analyses.

  ●Ensure the best set-up of your lights and light zones.

  ●Bring the benefits to customer for energy savings and optimization.

     Technical Support

Our technically trained sales engineers have extensive product knowledge along with application and industry experience. This experience and specialization allows the most  efficient solution to be quickly recommended to customers, saving invaluable time. Our sales engineers are ready to provide comprehensive support at every level of business from the design and research stage, to model selection, line operation with on-site instructions, and after sale service.

     Fast Delivery

We established a fast delivery system to ensure that customers get their products whenever they need them. Products are shipped from warehouse worldwide.